What our customers are saying about remote totes:

Hello . . . I have purchased two of your Remote Totes at the Orange Country Swap. I am really interested in about three more. Can I order outside of Yahoo? The two I bought I have given them away right from my key chain. My friends think they’re great, so now I have to replace mine. Ha! Let me know how to do this. I live in Riverside, California, so I won’t be able to get over to Orange County before Xmas.
Have a great day!
Linda - via email

Hi Jackie,
My wife just loves your invention as well and can’t wait to cover her other remotes. We want one gray and three black. What a great invention you came up with! Both me and my wife are showing them off at work so you might get some business from “our demos.”
Mark & Kathie - via email

Could you please tell me where you will be located at the Orange Country Market Place on Saturday, December 16, 2000, if at all possible? My girlfriend bought one of your Remote Totes last weekend and I would like to purchase a couple of them as well.
Thank you.
Donna - via email




About Car Alarms & Car Alarm Remotes!


Have you changed your battery lately?

If you are having problems with your car alarm remote working only when it feels like it, you might want to check the battery. It's really easy to change them out, but do be careful when you open them up because sometimes everything falls out. You'll want to make sure when replacing the round 3v battery that you pay attention to which side is up (+/-) when removing the battery because you need to replace it exactly the way it was when you removed it. Most car alarm shops or Interstate All Battery Centers carry batteries and are happy to replace them for you. You can find them in the yellow pages.

Do you know how to bypass your car alarm if your car alarm remote stops working?

With most car alarms today, you will have a bypass switch installed under the dash of your automobile. Some of the old alarms, like mine, do not have a bypass. When the car alarm is activated, most of them prevent you from starting the car, leaving you stranded. So if you lose your car alarm remote or if it gets wet, you won't be able to start your car unless you know how to bypass it. This requires you to put the key in the ignition, turn it on, and then push the switch under the dash. There are a few different ways to reactivate it, so if you don’t know for sure, you might want to check with the dealer or again check with an alarm shop.


Leather covers to protect your car alarm remotes. “Remotas detaches” strikes at random.

Pile of Remotes

Broken remote on the ground next to a tire.
Here are just a few of our happy customers that also refused to pay the price of a replacement remote after being struck by "Remotas Dettaches":
Happy CustomerHappy Customer

Happy Customer

 You can avoid from became a victim of "Remotas Dettaches" by protecting your car alarm remote before if breaks.



If you have shut off your alarm and left your broken remote home, you might be in for trouble one day. If your car battery has gone dead and you get a jump, most of the time your car alarm will rearm itself. Remember, most alarms won’t let you start the car when the alarm is armed. If you have lost your remote, you might want to have the alarm system removed.


Be careful when letting your children play with your keys as this is the cause of most damaged car alarm remotes. I speak with experience because I handed my 2-year-old SON my car keys in the grocery store and ended up with a soggy remote. About two weeks later, I was stranded at Home Depot because I couldn’t disarm my car alarm. I noticed that my remote had corroded as a result of my son chewing on the remote. I have an old alarm that doesn’t have a bypass switch, therefore I was stranded.

Has your car alarm remote been wet before?

If your remote gets wet, you will want to blow dry the inside right away. If you let it set, corrosion will start and sometimes will stop the battery from making a connection. Sometimes you can take sand paper and remove the rust so you have a better connection or you can buy a Remote Tote before this happens to you.


You can have your company’s name or logo
printed on the back of the Remote Totes.

This way your customers will carry your name with them everyday and everywhere they go; not like a T-shirt that gets worn once in a while or a hat that might never get worn. And don’t be surprised if your customer’s show it to all their friends like a lot of my customers do. Remote Totes are not yet available to the mass public, so your customers will have every reason to show it off. 

Note to the consumer:

"Regardless of where you purchase your remote tote, we will stand behind our product 100%. In the unlikely event that you find defects in workmanship or are not pleased with the product, please contact us directly, and we will be happy to rectify the situation. We want all of our customers to be 100% satisfied with our product."