Remote Tote Radio Spot

What our customers are saying about remote totes:

Hi Jackie . . .
Well we wore out our remote tote and just ordered another one. Your product is absolutely fantastic. We bought our original in 2003. We have dropped our remote more times than we can remember and every time we were glad to have it "wrapped in a tote"
We live in Corona now. We did live in Ontario. At the time our son attended Creekveiw Elementary. Our tote was a hit and everybody wanted one. So we sent them your way.
Again thanks for a terrific product.
Happy Holidays,
Bob D

Hi Jackie,
Got it today. Fast shipping. Nice product.
Eric C

Thanks for a great product. Perfect fit. Key chain part is nice too.
Sure beats replacing the remote.
Will definitely recommend. Have a great day!
Bob W

I just got my Remote Tote and love it. I think it is going to work very well.
Thank you soooooo much and I will tell my friends.
Thanks, again

 Hi, Jackie.
I look forward to receiving my order. I bought one of your totes for my daughter last year at Interstate Battery here in Houston. Now I need one, and they didn't have any when I went back last week. I'm so glad they're available online. They're the best thing since sliced bread! Thanks.
Cathy Jo

Gracious that was fast! I got them today! Thanks, Jackie. I'll be sure to tell my friends.
Continued success.
Cathy Jo

Hi, Jackie,
 just to let you know I received the remote tote today, 4 days, pretty good for post offices. I love this tote, remote fits great, a little tight, but that's probably because I have a wider than usual remote, but length is perfect. Would like to find out from you what sort of pricing/quantity you do for bulk sales?
Larry L

Hi, Jackie,
Received the larger size tote and it is amazing how much difference that
inch makes. Definitely a much better fit, if this lasts as long as my Prius
Totes have lasted, it will be a while till I need a replacement. Once again
thank you for your no hassle “fit” guarantee.
Jack E


Welcome, to the manufacture's website.

Key's - Broken Remote Loop

Problem Solved Back Together


Remote Totes help protect against wear and tear on information buttons.

Remote Totes help against corrosion from dropping in the rain.


Remote Totes help protect against damage from teething toddlers.

Remote Totes helps stop vehicles becoming unarmed due to placing sensitive remotes in a pocket


High Quality Leather Covers To Protect Your Car Alarm Remotes/key fob Or Reattach A Broken Remote/key fob!

A better and cheaper solution for replacement or car alarm remote cases and / or remotes!


Factory or aftermarket remotes can be protected.

You probably have a leather cover to protect your cellular phone, why wouldn't you do the same for your valuable key fob!

Replacement remotes can cost up to $200!

Remote Totes are universal and come in a variety of colors. 

They are made of genuine high quality leather and made in the USA. If your car alarm remote has already broken off your key ring just place the remote into the tote and reinsert the key ring back through the grommets located at the top of the tote. If your car alarm remote hasn’t broken off yet then just remove your remote from the key ring and place it into the tote. This way the key ring will be swinging on the grommets on the tote and not on the plastic loop on the remote. The remote swing on the key ring has a tendency to gnaw through the plastic loop at the top of the remote. This is one of the causes of broken remotes. 


Have you changed your battery lately?
Do you know how to bypass your car alarm?

Click here for details.


Please tell your friends about protecting their car alarm remotes before they break!

Note to the consumer:

"Regardless of where you purchase your remote tote, we will stand behind our product 100%. In the unlikely event that you find defects in workmanship or are not pleased with the product, please contact us directly, and we will be happy to rectify the situation. We want all of our customers to be 100% satisfied with our product."